Welcome to Miranda’s Wellness

Miranda’s Wellness is a hub of tips, information and conversation about nutrition and self-love, curated by Brisbane-based Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Miranda Partridge



Hi there! Thanks for checking out my website – I’m so happy to have you here. My name is Miranda, and this right here is my pride and joy and my passion.

Once upon a time, I didn’t understand how important it was to love myself, and was stuck in the thought pattern that I wasn’t good/funny/stylish/good looking/fit/talented/clever enough. This negative thought pattern affected my self-esteem and my self-worth, until, smack-bang in the middle of my nutritional medicine degree, I was overcome by depression, anxiety and insomnia, failing and dropping out of countless subjects, gaining weight, and literally chomping down on a block or two of chocolate a night to feel some semblance of good.

Miranda in pigeon poseIt took just over a year of “trying” to be healthy, before I was given a much-needed reality check from a particularly frank lecturer of mine, and took responsibility of my own life by implementing the things I had been learning in my course. Within 6 months, my mental health had completely turned on its head, and I emerged as a happy, confident woman who was ready to take risks and live the best life she could. I began to understand my own body, which empowered me, and mostly, I learnt how to truly love and value myself.

IMG_9588Now, with my bachelor degree in nutritional medicine, I practise a holistic view of wellness that not only includes food and nutrients, but recognises the power and importance of self-love. I truly believe that to be healthy, we need to love our selves a little more and criticise ourselves a lot less, but because I have been there, I also know how difficult it can be to break that cycle.

IMG_0198Here is where I share my tips, my struggles and my thoughts with the hopes to empower you with knowledge, inspiration and my quirky and incredibly dorky sense of humour.

Perfection has no place here, while the abilities to grow and learn are wholeheartedly encouraged as we all navigate this crazy thing we call ‘life’.



With my help, you will learn to ignore the mean, niggly voice in your head, let go of judgement of yourself and others, nurture your curiosity and mindfulness, learn how to cook delicious and healthy eats, embrace your unique quirks and talents, contribute positively to your surroundings, and most importantly, you will truly believe that;

You, my friend are a total freakin babe!

For more tips, recipes and solutions, why not come at meet me at one of my nutrition workshops?

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Miranda’s Wellness

  1. Hi Miranda. Do you run classes to educate us on diet in relation to dealing with mental health issues? I live in Brisbane and would welcome any input you could give me. Cheers.

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