Welcome to Miranda’s Wellness

This is the home of the Brisbane-based nutritional medicine practitioner, wellness coach and writer, Miranda Partridge.


In her nutrition clinic, Miranda empowers her clients to live full and healthy lives through approachable, affordable and delicious nutrition. She uses real, whole foods, the latest nutritional research and holistic nutritional medicine to create nutritious recipes that heal, using food as medicine. Clients not only receive personalised diet and lifestyle plans that support the way they lead their lives, but are given ongoing support and education, including cooking lessons, pantry makeovers and supermarket tours.

For more information, see the Services page


On her blog, Miranda continues to share her passion for nutrition and wellness, with her other passions of writing, feminism and the empowerment of self-love. Her fun-loving, dorky, honest and kind-hearted nature are the cornerstone of her ambition to help everyone truly know that they are a “total freaking babe”.

Sharing recipes, insights, tips and nutritional research, Miranda hopes to empower her readers to nurture their health, creativity, self-worth, ambitions and love of life.

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To meet Miranda at one of her ‘Nutrition for REAL People’ workshops around Brisbane, click here

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