We all need to stop judging

I am absolutely sick to death of hearing people judge other people.

It happens everywhere; among my friends, on Facebook (of course), the “news”, on blogs and even among a group of fellow practitioners who have been taught, like I have, to view every human being with unconditional positive regard. And it just makes me so frustrated!

Are you perfect? No, you’re not! You are human, and so are they, so kindly shut up!

Dr John Demartini puts it perfectly when he says that

Everything you see in others is a reflection of what actually exists within you, though you may be too humble or too proud to admit it

and I think that is a great explanation of judgement. You can only recognise in others the traits that you have within yourself, and that reflection – that mirror – makes you uncomfortable, so you try to deflect others from seeing it within you by putting down the person who you see it in.

The thing about Demartini that resonates most with me is that he tells it how it is, and that can be incredibly confronting. When I first heard this quote, of course I denied it. But the more it popped up in my thoughts, the more I began to realise how true it is. (Dude is wise!)

It’s one thing to say

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”

(which is one of my favourite quotes), but if you truly want to stop caring about what other people think of you, you need to stop giving power to the judgemental thoughts you have about others.

And I am not saying this to try to give you any illusion that I have never been judgemental towards others and outwardly voiced those judgements, because, of course I have! I’m just saying that you have a choice; the choice to superficially make yourself feel better by judging someone else, or to simply say, “That’s their life, their choice; it doesn’t affect me. It’s none of my business.”

This is something I do my best to be mindful of every single day.

Most of the time when we make these judgements we don’t have much information to go on. We may feel that we are simply voicing concern for that person’s wellbeing, but if that person has not asked for your advice or your opinion on their eating habits/parenting/sex life/sexual preference/clothing style/body shape/etc, then what is the point in voicing it? Especially because most of the time, it’s not even voiced to the person you are “concerned” about.

Make the choice to view everyone with unconditional positive regard. Choose to recognise what it is the person who stirs up these feelings is reflecting within you and work on them – they are sticking out to you for a reason. Remember that you are no better than anyone and that no one is better than you. Stand up for those who are being judged in your world and educate wherever you can.

We are all human, we are all doing our best with the information we are given in life, and you’d be surprised how much better you can feel about yourself and the world when you let go of judgement.

Another day, another lesson

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the creator of The Whole Pantry app, Belle Gibson in last 24 hours or so, a blogger I follow, Pip Lincolne, linked to this fabulous blog post by Lila Wolff.  It pointed out something that I, as a blogger, constantly struggle with – the desire to broaden my audience and in doing so, have a “successful” blog.

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The Ritual of Tea

There’s something about a cup of tea that brings a small joy to my day and soothes my heart that little bit. The simple ritual of hot water and tea leaves brings a stillness of a moment just for me – which, in a world of perpetual busyness can be enough to remind me to be mindful and check in with how I am doing that day. Continue reading

Four Minute Salad

Yesterday I had a wonderful afternoon of creation in my kitchen. I didn’t do anything too complicated, and I didn’t have to buy any new ingredients; I just cooked real, delicious food. I created some flavours to cook chicken wings I had in my fridge, and while they were cooking, I realised that I hadn’t even thought to have them with anything (sometimes I get all too focused on the protein component of a dish that I forget about the other things I’m supposed to cook until the last minute and fluster around with them).

I had a quick look in my fridge and grabbed out the vegies I had most of to create this simple and very refreshing salad which I put together in about 3-4 minutes (which stopping to crunch on extra celery because sometimes I forget how delicious that can be)

The thing I like most about this salad is that it’s a little different so can shake up your usual routine when it comes to salads, as we can all get in a habit of making the same salad over and over again. It also has a lot of flavour and the minute pieces make it easy to get a range of flavours in every mouthful.

I promise you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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How to:: Pantry Makeover

One of my number one tips for a healthy and nourishing life is to have a wisely-stocked pantry. But I also understand that not everyone gets the nerdy satisfaction of organising their pantry that I do, so I decided to film this video about the few simple steps it takes to reorganise.

(I’m really enjoying these vlogs – they’re a lot of fun)

Don’t forget that you can check out my services, including a pantry makeover if it takes your fancy.


This week YouTube has been celebrating International Women’s Day by creating the #DearMe movement, where a whole lot of wonderful female YouTubers write a letter to their younger self via a video. I follow A LOT of YouTube accounts and when I saw this, I just thought that I really wanted to write a letter to younger me.

I’d love to hear what advice you have for your younger self – and if you’re feeling brave, share it via video because I would love to see it.

Although it starts off a little slow, I am very new to this video blogging thing, so please watch it with an open heart. Here is my letter to young Miranda: