How I Cope When My Face Explodes in Acne

Its no secret that I, still at age 27, have the occasional acne outbreak. A couple of years ago I had constant acne on my chin while my body slowly processed the 1 years’ worth of depo-provera, a contraception injection high in progesterone that I took long before making informed decisions about my health was important to me, because I was terrible at taking the pill every day. My chin was constantly erupting in painful blemishes and “whiteheads” surrounded by purple, scarred skin and at that point it didn’t seem to matter what I did – it had been a good year since I had an acne-free day, and it sucked.

Today (and for at least the last year or so) my skin is doing heaps better. I still get acne occasionally, and it still sucks, but its nowhere near as bad, and it occasionally occurs in places different to just my chin. I have learnt what works for my own skin (FINALLY) and I now know that when I do get a break out, its time to take a good hard look at what I’ve been doing to my body, because I treat the breakout as a cry for help. In natural medicine, we look at skin as a reflection of health on the inside, and acne in certain areas can show distress to certain systems on the inside. I know my own causes for acne, and my own areas of nurture when it comes to my health. So when I’ve got another breakout, I treat it as my body saying, “Hey you! Shit is getting real down here and you’ve been letting yourself get away with this for too long!” because the realisation that I’ve been a bit too indulgent of late is literally smacking me in the face. Continue reading

My Cycling Essentials


Ever since my awesome mate Dean fixed my bike (everyone say thank you to Dean!), I have been cycling all over this gorgeous city I live in, Brisbane!

There is a fantastic feeling of freedom and independence that comes with having a bike. While it can’t carry too much (I don’t yet have a basket) my bike certainly gets me places easier and faster than walking. Since getting my gorgeous bike back (originally called ‘Audrey’, I’ve dubbed her the name ‘Blanche’ – much more appropriate with a whole lotta sass!) I have been able to see Brisbane from incredible new vantage points, get further than ever before and save money while getting plenty of exercise! On my bicycle I get to ride through bushland, parks and special bikeways, as well as the city and the riverside. I can even take it on the CityCat to explore the other side of the river.

Having a bicycle has certainly made me happier, so I thought I would take the time to share with you some tips I’ve come across along the way. They aren’t anything particularly special, but they are essential to the way I get from A to B. Continue reading

Another Announcement – VIVO Brand Ambassador (and Toasted Cinnamon Nutty Granola)

I have been waiting such a long time to announce this, as I have been in collaboration with the company (in secret) for a while. So here it is:

A gorgeous new organic vegan protein powder has just been released to the market, called VIVO, and

I am one of their brand ambassadors!


I get asked a lot for protein powder recommendations from you guys, and for me, this product ticks a lot of boxes.  Continue reading

Ask Mira:: Miranda’s Big Smoothie Guide

Oh boy, have I had an absolute plethora of requests for this from you guys! And it makes me so chuffed! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed me testing out some smoothie recipes this week. Its actually stimulated a lot of motivation for me, so thank you for that!

I’ll start this all off with a very detailed request from Ainslie, sent via Facebook:

“Hi Miranda, how are you? I need some inspiration from you please :) I really struggle eating in the mornings, it makes me feel really ill when I eat so I’m looking into having smoothies for breakfast so I’m getting something rather than skipping breakfast all together. Do you have any recommendations on good smoothie recipes that will give me everything I need and really help to boost my metabolism? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

Thanks for your request Ainslie, I’ve developed a few recipes for you that are sure to increase your metabolism, and what sounds like a sluggish digestive system – your tummy will be rumbling in no time! Continue reading

Apps for Health & Wellness

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on your phone. Between texting, calling, emailing, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google Maps, TransLink Journey Planner and apps for managing both my Facebook page and my blog, there is a lot that I get done on my phone every day. But, as you know, one of the best things about having a smart phone is that there is an app for everything, however, this doesn’t always mean that every app is awesome, so in no particular order, I thought I’d list a few of my favourite health and wellness apps to help make your life a little easier. Continue reading

Baby Makin’ in the Kitchen

Screenshot (11)Nutrients play such a vital role in the conception, growth and development of a baby, and it order to help give your future-bub-to-be the best start in life you possibly can, you want to make sure your body has an abundance of the nutrients that will help it all happen. This month for the Endeavour College of Natural Health Wellspring Blog I put together a list of foods to help you to conceive a child, through my favourite naturopathic principle, ‘Food As Medicine’.

Maybe the baby making’ in the kitchen can extend to actual baby making’ in the kitchen (bow-chicka-wow-wow!), whatever floats your boat! This should help get you in the mood:

Don’t forget to enter my Move with Miranda competition for your chance to win healthy goodies, personal training and massage amongst many other prizes.

World Egg Day

The Nutritional Benefits of and Delicious Ways to Eat Eggs579984_10151642329403029_2066892404_n

Today is (would you believe it?) WORLD EGG DAY – that’s right, it’s a real thing! Just ask the International Egg Commission – also a real thing!

Eggs are (quite famously) one of my very favourite foods (I go on about this here) and I like to make sure I always have a dozen of them in the house each week so I can have them whenever I like. They also get me a bit nostalgic for when my Mum used to boil me an egg and chop it up with some butter in a mug that I would eat with a teaspoon and feel so special because it was all mine! (I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with a little sister!)


I love eggs, not only because they are delicious and budget-friendly, but because they are an incredibly nutritious food that is easy to prepare and incorporate into your diet. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like splooshing a runny yolk as soon as the plate is set in front of you?!

  • Eggs are rich in protein, which makes them a good energy source, as well as necessary for the growth of new tissues, the production of hormones, enzymes and immune cells.


  • One 60g egg contains 5g of fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat, required by your brain and nervous system, but that doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t have use for the other fats contained in egg. Your body does require some saturated fat every day, so don’t be scared of it! Saturated fat is required for the production of hormones and energy and signalling at a cellular level. Fats also help your body absorb fat soluble vitamins, another set of nutrients that eggs are a good source of! Eggs also contain omega-3 fats which reduce inflammation, protect you from cardiovascular disease and help the function of your brain.


  • Eggs do contain cholesterol, which your body requires for cell membrane structure and hormone production. It has also been shown that dietary cholesterol intake has little effect on the levels of cholesterol in your body, and high cholesterol should be addressed through other dietary management (feel free to ask me how!)


  • Fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D are found in eggs. Vitamin A is found in the rods of the eyes, so have a protective effect against cataracts and tunnel vision, while having a healing and protective effect to the body’s tissues. Vitamin D functions as a hormone and protects the body from several cancers, such as colon and breast cancers, autoimmune conditions and osteoporosis due to it’s relationship with calcium. Many Australian’s are currently vitamin D deficient, so the consumption of eggs can certainly contribute to a repletion of this very important nutrient.


  • Eggs also contain calcium, magnesium and iron, minerals that function in bone structure, muscle contraction and relaxation, immune function, energy production, hormone production and transport of oxygen to tissues. These minerals are another set of common deficiencies contributing to ill health that egg conumption can help with.


Eggs are so incredibly versatile to incorporate in your diet to get these nutritious benefits too!

Try them poached, fried, scramble, coddled, boiled, slow cooked or baked, or maybe you’d prefer an omelette, quiche, frittata, pie or even make your own mayonnaise.

I love making a thin omelette and slicing it into rice paper rolls or fried rice, making a huge salad sandwich or a salad and shelling a boiled egg with a dollop of fresh mayonnaise. Poached eggs go great with raw dukkah, avocado and extra virgin olive oil, or garlic fried mushrooms, while scrambled eggs and omelettes get fancy when you spike the mix with wholegrain mustard, spring onions, rosemary, oregano, chives, parsley, basil or coriander.


So, in the spirit of World Egg Day, cook yourself a yummy egg dish and your body will be egg-static! Geddit?! (At least give me props for only putting in one pun – haha!)

Are you an egg fan?

How do you like to eat your eggs? I always like to get some inspiration, so please, let me know!