Triple J Hottest 100 2014

Voting in the Triple J Hottest 100 is important to me every year, so I thought I’d share with you the songs I’m voting for this year.

(The Hottest 100 is the biggest music democracy in the world and the countdown happens on Australia Day. There’s only a couple of days left to vote if you’re interested.)

And if you need some inspiration, check out my 2014 Shortlist on Spotify too =)

So here it is; my top 10 -for your listening pleasure =)

Creating Your Space

It’s taken time, but I think I’m finally getting it: the importance of nurturing your own space.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in this world who could confidently accuse me of being tidy. My room is regularly cluttered with clothes on the floor, piles of paperwork and endless scraps with lists littering the spaces in between. My locker at school was always a mess of papers, with me resorting to having the one big book I’d tote around for every subject so I wouldn’t have to sort through it to find what I needed. When I set myself up at a desk in a class or at the library, I unintentionally spread myself out so I’m using all of the space that I’m allocated, if not more. Even now, as I write this on my “bed-desk”, while my bed is made, I have two textbooks, a cookbook and a notebook taking up the side that I’m not sitting on, with my journal and a few pieces of paper on the floor beside me. IMG_9403 Continue reading

Facetwitumblrgram – The feelings on social media that spilled out of me today

Social media is a big part of my life. I use it to keep in touch/informed about people I usually wouldn’t see much of, I Instagram pictures of my life for the fun of it, find and share links all over the place and all the rest of the social media bit – I love it!

I don’t mind sharing parts of my life with the world, mainly my own private Facebook world, because its all part of it. But when it comes to the negative parts, I am unsure. Part of me wants to be genuine, part of me doesn’t want to bring negativity to the world (especially because how I’m feeling is temporary), part of me knows that I don’t like seeing too many complaints out there in the world, and part of me doesn’t really know why I feel the need to share it. Continue reading

A New (More Exciting) Direction

For a long time now, it has been a goal of mine to write a book. For a lot of that time, I wanted to write a cookbook. Share my recipes with the world, in hardback, on bookshelves and empower people with a favourite concept of mine, food as medicine. I’ve collected cookbooks for about 8 years now, spending hours pouring over them, devouring the words and pictures as I would a comforting meal. They filled me up, empowered me, inspired me. And the feeling, that powerful feeling, was something I wanted to give to someone else.

While real food, cooking, nutrition and food as medicine remain a deep passion of mine, the last year of my life has seen a shift in their value, slightly, in favour of inspiring self-empowerment within myself and others. Continue reading

5 No-Fuss Tips for a Healthier Christmas Day

While Christmas is about family and giving and being grateful, for a lot of us, Christmas Day itself is either filled with stress (putting on a huge dinner for loved ones, travelling all over the place to see everyone in a day, making sure the kids still believe in Santa Claus) or a day of absolute over-indulgence. I know I’m not alone in justifying Christmas as a day to fill my plate in gravy, induce a food coma or have a few extra beers and chocolates because “Christmas comes but once a year” – seriously, gravy is the bomb-diggety! – so I want to give you some tips to lessen the impact of this day of indulgence, allowing you to enjoy the day with your families and friends without feeling gross. My tips are realistic and simple, and wont alienate you as the weird person drinking a green smoothie while everyone else is digging into the roast (after all, it is Christmas, and if I could swim in gravy, I probably would). Continue reading