Fab Fast Feasts:: I’m so excited! I wrote a Mini eBook!

And you can get it completely free!

It’s been a goal of mine for at least 6 years now to write my own book.


I’ve poured over magazines and cookbooks and wellness books imagining what my own book would look like, and now, finally, I’ve written a mini eBook!

Fab Fast Feasts

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Fab Fast Feasts, containing 6 easy to make, super healthy and crazy delicious recipes is available for you at absolutely no cost (it’s my Christmas present to you). Continue reading

Healthy Christmas Inspiration with my Gingerbread Smoothie

I am a bit of a fan of Christmas.

The Christmas carols, decorating the tree and opening a new door of my advent calendar every day until Christmas gets me all excited for the holidays and most of all, has me constantly craving gingerbread bikkies.

Of course, gingerbread cookies are full of sugar, so eating them every day? Not ideal. But there’s no reason for you to miss out on the beautiful spice of ginger and cinnamon, especially because they can benefit your blood sugar, heart health and digestion.


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Bondi Beach & (dare I say it) Tim Tams – Sydney PART THREE

Click to read Part ONE and Part TWO

On a gloomy Saturday morning I awoke feeling fabulous – I’d just had one of the best sleeps of my life on an unfamiliar bunk bed and I was about to have a day at Bondi Beach. I had pictured myself having some crazy-healthy smoothie in the sunshine, eating at a fabulous healthy cafe and swimming on the beach (something I had been craving for weeks). But alas, the weather had other plans, and it was overcast again.

With our phones and tablets only half-charged, Quentin (Con) and I made our way to Bondi via double-decker train and then bus. Most of my conversations with Con were about things he had to try here in Australia and helping him to understand words I was using that he didn’t understand. Mostly we were just giggling at our own attempts to pronounce words native to one another (my French is atrocious!) and talked about the differences between France and Australia so far.

Me and Quentin on Bond Beach

Me and Quentin on Bond Beach

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How do you explain the word “should” without using the word “should”? And other life lessons from Sydney. PART ONE

Have you ever tried to explain the word “should” to someone? Especially a someone who has English as their second language?

It was on my second night in Sydney, sitting in the courtyard of the Blue Parrot (the hostel I was staying in) surrounded by mostly French people, and a handful of British, Canadian and American tourists that I found myself struggling to explain the word “should” to my new French friend Quentin (or Con, for those of us who would only ever butcher the French language). Continue reading

How I Cope When My Face Explodes in Acne

Its no secret that I, still at age 27, have the occasional acne outbreak. A couple of years ago I had constant acne on my chin while my body slowly processed the 1 years’ worth of depo-provera, a contraception injection high in progesterone that I took long before making informed decisions about my health was important to me, because I was terrible at taking the pill every day. My chin was constantly erupting in painful blemishes and “whiteheads” surrounded by purple, scarred skin and at that point it didn’t seem to matter what I did – it had been a good year since I had an acne-free day, and it sucked.

Today (and for at least the last year or so) my skin is doing heaps better. I still get acne occasionally, and it still sucks, but its nowhere near as bad, and it occasionally occurs in places different to just my chin. I have learnt what works for my own skin (FINALLY) and I now know that when I do get a break out, its time to take a good hard look at what I’ve been doing to my body, because I treat the breakout as a cry for help. In natural medicine, we look at skin as a reflection of health on the inside, and acne in certain areas can show distress to certain systems on the inside. I know my own causes for acne, and my own areas of nurture when it comes to my health. So when I’ve got another breakout, I treat it as my body saying, “Hey you! Shit is getting real down here and you’ve been letting yourself get away with this for too long!” because the realisation that I’ve been a bit too indulgent of late is literally smacking me in the face. Continue reading

You Can Only Ask

For the last few months there has been a yearning in my heart to travel. I don’t need to travel far and I don’t need a companion, I just need to go. To see this world, to be alone, to discover myself when there is no one else, to see things I’ve never seen before. But I have resided myself to the fact that I would have to wait; until Christmas so I can see my family, or to next year if I couldn’t afford that. That hurt my heart, but my business and my blog are important to me, so while I apply for jobs and write my blogs and my book and market my business and work random shifts at other businesses and invest in my business, my heart would have to wait, and I made myself be ok with that.

As you may have heard, I am a finalist in the Bupa Blog Awards in the Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness category. This is something that I consider to be a incredible honour, because I am just doing what I love, and the fact that what I’m doing is something that you connect with makes doing what I love all that more rewarding. Mirandas-wellness_postcard

The award ceremony for the BUPA awards is next Friday, 14th November in the middle of Sydney Continue reading

My Cycling Essentials


Ever since my awesome mate Dean fixed my bike (everyone say thank you to Dean!), I have been cycling all over this gorgeous city I live in, Brisbane!

There is a fantastic feeling of freedom and independence that comes with having a bike. While it can’t carry too much (I don’t yet have a basket) my bike certainly gets me places easier and faster than walking. Since getting my gorgeous bike back (originally called ‘Audrey’, I’ve dubbed her the name ‘Blanche’ – much more appropriate with a whole lotta sass!) I have been able to see Brisbane from incredible new vantage points, get further than ever before and save money while getting plenty of exercise! On my bicycle I get to ride through bushland, parks and special bikeways, as well as the city and the riverside. I can even take it on the CityCat to explore the other side of the river.

Having a bicycle has certainly made me happier, so I thought I would take the time to share with you some tips I’ve come across along the way. They aren’t anything particularly special, but they are essential to the way I get from A to B. Continue reading