MOVEember 2013 Update


Since it’s sort-of-just-past-the-halfway-mark of MOVEember, I thought I should touch base and let you all know how it’s going. I also thought I’d chuck in a few on-the-cheap fitness tips I use to keep me going, as I like to grow m’ guns without having to pay for a gym membership – I just can’t afford it right now.

More to the point – MOVEember!

If you recall my post at the start of the month, I decided to challenge myself to move for at least half an hour every day – walking, hiking, yoga, strength sessions, anything really, and post a photo of this with the hashtag #moveember. So far, out of the past 17 days, I managed to move for 12 of those days (not including usual walks to and from train stations each day). Hey, at least I’m honest! I’m pretty proud because at the start of the month I had to finish my last assignment (all 2500 words of it), celebrate the end of the semester and get myself a job (all of which I have managed to do, so I’m pretty chuffed!). Of course, this mid-way point is also another boot up the bum to remotivate myself and reshuffle my way of thinking.

But you might be wondering how it is I get such variety out of my exercise when I don’t have a gym membership or a personal trainer. The answer is basically, I’ve had to be very resourceful. I’d like to share with you some tips on my resourcefulness and let you in on a little secret – other than paying a gold coin donation to the odd yoga class (and obviously buying FOOD), this year, without spending any money I’ve managed to lose 7kg.

I didn’t really want to mention the weight loss initially, because to me this year has been more about the lifestyle transformation that I’ve experienced, and the weight loss, while it was a goal I did have, is not what I believe should be the only focus of a healthy lifestyle, especially when my goal is to motivate all of you to make positive changes too. 

I’m not perfect, I don’t always want to exercise and I treat myself at times, but I maintain my commitment to look after myself, not just my body, but my emotional, spiritual and mental selves too. Exercise is just one small, but very important part of that.

Time for the Fit-Tips!

Firstly, make sure you feel AMAZING in your fit gear. If you have a nothing budget, check out Cotton On Body, Michelle Bridge’s range at Big W, Target, KMart, Sportsgirl and Supre and just get one outfit that makes you want to work out because ya just look so fine! You sexy minx, you! A personal trainer I adore, Josette Willis, once told me that a good workout outfit adds 20% more to your workout session and for me it totally works!! I personally go for bright colours (including the shoes) because they make me happy, but if you are more comfortable in black, do that. I hate T-shirts on me, while my sister loves them. It’s all up to personal preference, so gear up!

Find yourself a good long and local walk – at least 30 minutes – that has hills and steps if possible and power walk out that mother! I owe most of my motivation and strong sexy legs to the hill that my neighbour Debbie introduced me to and have pushed myself to walk it even when it rained, even when I didn’t want to, even when I was tired, stressed, having a fat-day, all of it. I got to a stage where I power-walked that mother 6 days a week for several months and just could not believe my own self.


I’ve spoken about this before, but get yourself some motivating tunes to listen to. Play your stereo super loud or pump up the headphones, whatever you listen to, make sure you love it!

At-home workouts – I love scouring Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube for free routines that I can do at home. Even if there is something on there that I have no idea about, I look it up on YouTube and copy what they do. If you have weights, incorporate them, if not, try 1.25L bottles of soda water or vinegar as your weights (remember: RESOURCEFUL!). I also like to add things I’ve learnt from previous classes from years ago, like Tai-bo, BodyPump, step classes, Mum’s Jane Fonda aerobics video, planks, pilates and yoga. The following are some of my picks from a few years of procrastinating with the internet, but take a look and I’m sure you can find something that suits you:

    • Sweat and Oranges – my girl Katie and her sister Jayne often post workouts such as this one to their Instagram page and were the first to get me to do a burpee because of this exact workout. Super inspiring, super lovely ladies!


    • On YouTube I love KymNonStop – she’s got a killer bod, trains celebrities, often has mermaid hair and best of all, makes up quick workouts to a theme, such as this workout to the theme of Beyonce’s Single ladies (apparently the video does not want to embed, so just click the link below please):

    • On Pinterest, I have my own Health & Nourishment board where I pin workouts, food and inspo for myself. I usually just search “at home workout” and find something pretty quickly, for example, this:

 As usual, I would love to hear from you about your cheap and healthy tips, so please comment below on how you keep your butt lookin’ so fine!


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