Status Update (including some exciting news!!)

As its been a while since I posted a blog, and I have some exciting news, I thought that maybe I should give you lovely people an update.

The view of the glorious snow-capped Mt Bogong from my Mum's driveway in Mt Beauty
The view of the glorious snow-capped Mt Bogong from my Mum’s driveway in Mt Beauty

Essential healthy road trip snacks while giving Louie some fresh air - coconut yoghurt, fruit and nuts
Essential healthy road trip snacks while giving Louie some fresh air – coconut yoghurt, fruit and nuts

You may have noticed on my Instagram that I have been on a bit of a road trip back to my gorgeous home town of Mt Beauty to see my long time lady-friend, Laura, and the wonderful Josh tie the knot!

Photo by Sybrena Pahina
Photo by Sybrena Pahina

After quite a hard slog personally, they managed to put together the wedding of their dreams, complete with a cake made entirely of cheese wheels, mulled wine, a photoshoot in the snow, and plenty of giggles! I had the privilege of being a very big part of the wedding, helping wherever I could both up here and in Mt Beauty around the day. I even got to help make the wedding favours with Josh; cauliflower pickle, capsicum relish and pineapple and vanilla jam, with the labels I handwrote, to boot! It really was a fabulous day, with Laura texting me two days later; “Is it just me, or did I have the BEST WEDDING EVER?!!” (Classic Laura quote).

Handmade with love
Handmade with love

Before all this, in a moment of pure spontaneity, I hopped on a bus to buy some groceries for breakfast, but instead decided to ride the bus over to Carindale and get a haircut – just like that. I was in a bit of a rut and remembered the last time that I did a dramatic chop was a big moment of change for me, so in the spirit of that, I cut my hair in a way I had half-heartedly considered and I have not looked back. As soon as I my haircut was done, I walked into one shop, found one outfit, tried it on and knew that it was the exact thing that I was looking for to wear to the wedding (alas, the only photo I have of said outfit is of me in that changeroom). For someone like me who rarely has money to spend on such things, a moment like that means a hell of a lot. And now, when I get dressed in the morning I feel like my bubbly, sassy, baben self again – completely worth it!

Feelin my baben self!
Feelin my baben self!

” A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

The outfit in question
The outfit in question


I have also (very excitedly) been putting together my very own nutritional medicine and wellness coaching business – Miranda’s Wellness . This will be an interactive way for me to help you achieve your wellness goals and individualise the knowledge I have gained from 4 1/2 years of study to suit your health needs on a face-to-face basis, and I cannot wait to get started! My nutritional medicine and wellness coaching consultations will be available in the South Brisbane area, with a few extra services I’ll be giving you teasers about over the next few weeks.

I keep telling everyone that I feel equal parts terrified and excited, but I suppose that is just a sign that I am really passionate about the whole thing. I have already changed the banner on my blog and plan on putting in a few more changes bit by bit until I’m ready to launch (sometime within the next three weeks).

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to email me at

What have you been up to?



2 thoughts on “Status Update (including some exciting news!!)

  1. Hey Miranda,
    Just an idea – seeing as you seem to be gathering a bit of an online following – how about having an online segment for your business as well? You could try giving consultations not just in person, but maybe also over Skype? This way you could also keep you Melbourne followers in the loop too.
    Just an idea! Good luck 🙂


    1. Thanks Lara. I prefer to conduct my consultations in person. I believe that physical examinations are important for the nutrition care process and there are intuitive things that you can only gain in person that I would not want to miss out for my clients, but I do appreciate the suggestion 🙂


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