Refreshing Citrus Earl Grey Iced Tea

Its no secret that my favourite tea in the history of tea, is Earl Grey.


My Mum always has a box of it hand just for when my sister and I go to visit, I rave about it so much, I’ve been known to inspire others to venture into the world of Earl Grey tea (especially French Earl Grey) and I’ve got some friends that keep a box handy for when I pop by. My purse constantly has a strong scent of bergamot because I insist on carting bags of earl grey around, just in case, and most birthdays and Christmases I’m given some variation of T2’s French Earl Grey products (my special occasion tea). Earl Grey tea is my jam! (so to speak)

When its hot (like it has been in Brisbane – I’m LOVING it!) I still want to drink tea, but I absolutely hate the so-called iced tea drinks you can buy (especially the peach flavour – ugh!) because they are sickly sweet, and completely destroy the flavour of the tea, rather than enhance it, in my opinion. So of course, I make my own.


I have a few combinations I like to make, but this is easily the most approachable one to make because the ingredients are very simple. All you need to have is a jug (or I use one of those plastic cereal containers with the easy pour lid), a fridge, some ice and a bit of patience.

The tea I’ve been using lately is the Nature’s Cuppa Organic Earl Grey. As soon as you open the foil bag you’re surrounded by that gorgeous bergamot scent, more so than other Earl Grey teas I’ve tried. They’re naturally low in caffeine, contained in unbleached paper bags and the leaves and bergamot oil are Certified Organic and Fairtrade. I’m quite a fan!

This particular iced tea recipe is sweet and tasty, with no sugar (other than from the citrus) and the flavour of the tea is present, but still quite mild with the other flavours. Citrus goes well with earl grey as bergamot itself is a citrus, but the addition of fruit and ice makes this more refreshing, and adds some electrolytes to help with hydration.


Refreshing Citrus Earl Grey Iced Tea


2 x earl grey tea bags

A whole bunch of water

1/2 fresh orange

1/2 fresh lemon

Leaves of fresh herbs (basil, mint, or parsley)

Ice cubes



In a large cup or a jug, steep the tea bags in 600mL warm water for at least 10 minutes (no need to boil and don’t jiggle the bags, just let them do their thing)

Now, in your large jug/pouring container (make sure it holds 1-2L) slice your oranges and cut your lemon into wedges, pull off whole herb leaves and place at the bottom. If there is any juice on the chopping board you can pour that in too. Add about half a tray worth of ice cubes, then pour on your tea. Top with cold water and place in the fridge for two hours.

To serve, pour over ice.


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