The Feb Refresh

The holidays and celebrations have been fun and fabulous and overindulgent and full of loved ones, but now that the last of it (Australia Day) is over, it’s time to hit ‘Refresh’, and get back to every day life. I don’t know about you, but the opportunity to hit refresh is never properly taken advantage of by me unless I have something to spur myself on, so I’m creating ‘The Feb Refresh’.

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Obligatory beach-selfie

The Feb Refresh is about all aspects of life.

As my blog evolves, the more it has become about an all-encompassing view of health, instead of just a nutrition hub, and I am enjoying it’s metamorphosis. So with this in mind, February on Miranda’s Wellness will be about new beginnings, new points of view, new adventures and new ways to nurture your own health.

I’ll be giving you a mix of inspiration all throughout February, including my usual figuring-my-own-shit-out posts, but also some inspiration for self-love, healthy recipes, nutrition information to get you thinking, something to put your creativity into, and if you are really lucky, I may even give you a sneak peak at a piece I’ve written for my book I’m working on.

What I’d like to know is:

What are your goals for February? What areas would you like to improve? And what areas would you like my advice or opinion on?

My goals are to provide you guys with the best content that I can, educating and entertaining you as best I can and to nurture my own gut health (I’ll be letting you know how I’ll be doing that throughout the month too). Of course, I’d like to see some of your faces in my clinic and in some workshops I’ve been considering over the last few weeks, so I’ll be organising opportunities for us to meet too! Then of course, this month I’d like to write every day, whether it be for the book or the blog, because the more writing I do, the more I want to do (and I took a little break from that while I was in Melbourne). I’d also like to be surrounded by a bit more creativity (more on that on Feb 1) because so many people I know do all these amazing and creative things which inspire me and I feel myself yearning for that in my life.

Of course, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t create a hashtag

so you can join in the fun and get inspiration with the hashtag #febrefresh on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – I’d love to see what you’re up to!

Part of this Feb Refresh means you can get a great deal if you come and see me in clinic, in Highgate Hill in Brisbane with my Kick-start 2015 packages. (Click the image for more info and how to book)

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3 thoughts on “The Feb Refresh

  1. A February Refresh is exactly what I need right now! I’ve been so sluggish and bloated for weeks now, and while I’ve been doing tons of exercise, my diet has failed miserably. Way too many social outings involving burgers and chips! Jumping on board the #febrefresh wagon full of enthusiasm and determined to make it my healthiest month yet! (Perhaps shed those Christmas kilos that haven’t seemed to disappear yet too!)

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    1. That’s awesome Simone! Yeah, that’s the thing about health, exercise can only do so much, where diet is much more powerful. If you like I might do a healthier burger recipe (or at least burger inspired 😉


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