Choc-Cherry Ripesicles :: Feb Refresh Day 2

Thinking of summer brings about fun vibes for me, and happy, simple childhood memories of sprinklers, pools, reading books, giggling and popsicles. Not only that, but cherries are perfectly ripe and in season in summer, which means not only are they tasty and full of nutrients, but they are good value too. If Cadbury have taught us nothing else, its that cherry goes perfectly with coconut and dark chocolate (oh my GOODNESS yes!).

But hey guys, this is the Feb Refresh! We can’t be gorging ourselves on Cherry Ripes – no no no. We’re clever, and sassy and know that we can one-up Cadbury with our know-how; and with these babies you aren’t missing out. I’ve created sugar-free, dairy-free and guilt-free Choc-Cherry Ripesicles just for you (gosh, aren’t you lucky you have me?).

You can even make them for the kids because their fat content will fill them up and give them a slow release of energy (especially if they’re fussy with fruit like I am!)


Choc-Cherry Ripesicles

Makes 4 (with leftovers)**Ingredients

24 fresh, ripe cherries

1 400ml tin coconut cream

1/2 cup coconut flakes

1 x 45g Well Naturally stevia sweetened dark chocolate bar (I used almond because I couldn’t find the plain, but holy moly it is such good chocolate!)


Pit 12 cherries* and place into a blender with the coconut cream, blending for a minute or until smooth. Empty the mixture into a mixing bowl.

Pit the other 12 cherries* and chop into 1/2cm chunks. Add to the bowl with the coconut flakes and stir to combine.

Fill your popsicle moulds by spooning the mixture, ensuring the chunks make up the bulk of each popsicle.** Put the sticks in and freeze for at least 5 hours.

Break up your sugar-free chocolate and melt (I used the microwave in short bursts and a small bowl, but you can use the stove if you like). Be gentle when you melt the chocolate, ensuring you give it a good stir as it melts.

On a piece of baking paper or a tray, lay your popicles flat and spoon the melted chocolate onto each popsicle.

Freeze for five minutes and serve whenever.

*I was worried when I pitted my cherries that they would stain my hands, but the bright colour seemed to come out when I washed my dishes

**The leftover mixture can be poured into a container to make more popsicles or frozen into ice cubes to pop into smoothies (how fancy would a coconut-cherry smoothie be?

You better believe I nommed that like crazy

Don’t forget, you have until midnight 15th Feb to sign up to the Faraway Friendship Project!


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