This week YouTube has been celebrating International Women’s Day by creating the #DearMe movement, where a whole lot of wonderful female YouTubers write a letter to their younger self via a video. I follow A LOT of YouTube accounts and when I saw this, I just thought that I really wanted to write a letter to younger me.

I’d love to hear what advice you have for your younger self – and if you’re feeling brave, share it via video because I would love to see it.

Although it starts off a little slow, I am very new to this video blogging thing, so please watch it with an open heart. Here is my letter to young Miranda:


4 thoughts on “#DearMe

      1. Lol. I’ve filmed a few. It takes time to get over being annoyed at your own quirks, but it’s a good exercise. I watch A LOT of YouTubers eg. Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen), Ingrid Nilsen (Miss Glamorazzi), Nikki Phillippi, Mary Elizabeth, Kitchy Kitchen, Phillip DeFranco, Mr Kate, Tyler Oakley and Eat Your Kimchi are my faves. (In case you need some inspo)


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