I wrote this last night

For the first time in my life I feel like I can confidently say that I am a woman. I know that might sound strange, but up until now, I’ve referred to myself as a “girl” and made myself smaller around some people because I haven’t felt like a woman.

I look at the photos from my 28th birthday party and all I can see is the woman that I have become. The confident woman who did what she wanted for her birthday; surrounded herself with good friends and glitter and drank gin but kept her shit together enough to also drink heaps of water and remember the entire night. The woman who wore the tight, sexy outfit without that “control underwear” (it’s awful stuff) and without a bra, just unashamedly her own body, and boy did she wear the shit out of that outfit with more confidence than she has ever had before. The woman who was ecstatic with who she was, flaws and mistakes and strengths and all, and knew that she was human, she was enough and that she was loved for being unabashedly herself.

My goodness I have come so far!


No longer do I look at a series of photos of myself and pick and pick and pick at all the flaws that particular angles magnify. No longer do I dwell on those who I wanted at my party, but who didn’t show up. No longer do I try to dress or talk or be a certain way for other people.

 I was there. I was present, I had fun with wonderful people and I was the best version of myself to date.

Like the flecks of glitter that linger in the carpet (no matter how hard I vacuum), these feelings aren’t going away anytime soon. And I am absolutely relishing them.

I am here. I am a business-owning, book-writing, recipe-creating, blog-making, nutrition-practicing, self-love-advocating, Instagram-taking, Facebook-stalking, friend-snuggling, potty-mouthing, scarf-knitting, yoga-posing, tea-drinking, bike-riding, Frankie-reading, cater-serving, boat-hosting, zucchini-spiraling, foodgasming, vinyl-hoarding, trivia-winning, slipper-wearing, HECS-paying, triple j-listening, snort-giggling, gig-dancing, ever-socialising, self-LOVING, mistake-making, forever-learning, total-baben woman.

And I am so effing proud of me.






A big thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, and helped me celebrate, you guys are the tits!

PS. I’m pretty sure the photo booth was the best idea I’ve had in a long time – how gorgeous and hilarious are my friends?!

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2 thoughts on “I wrote this last night

  1. This is the best! 28 is a great year 🙂
    I find the closer I get to 30 the less amount of f&$ks I have to give 😛
    I wish I knew then (my teens and early twenties) what I know now. But such is life and the lessons keep on coming!
    Have fun !

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