Liebster Award Nomination


Great news total babes – I’ve been nominated by the gorgeous Kelly from Yes Peas Mumma for the Liebster Awards! How freaking cool is that?!


Part of receiving this award means that I have some questions to answer. But there are also some rules!….

1. You need to put the Liebster Award image on your blog.
(save logo up top of this page)
2. Thank and tag the blog who nominated you. – thanks Kelly from Yes Peas Mumma!
3. Answer 10 Questions.
Nominate 8 blogs with less than 200 followers, let them know you’ve nominated them, and link them in your post. No tag-back.

Here are the 10 questions Kelly had for me:


  1. Are you a chocolate or lolly kind of person? Why? I am most definitely a chocolate person – the darker the better! Lollies are too sweet for me.
  2. What’s your favourite children’s movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was always a winner for me. It always got my imagination going and it’s just the right amount of 1970s kookiness
  3. Tell me 5 things I would see when I walked in your house? A wall of ugly vintage art, a big verandah full of plants, a werewolf’s head hanging from the ceiling, a room of unused couches and a kitchen full of my gorgeous and hilarious housemates.
  4. Who would play you in a movie about your life? I have to be honest, this isn’t something I have ever thought about before, and it is incredibly hard to answer, so like any millennial, I put it to my Facebook friends. Suggestions include; Zooey Deschanel, Lauren Graham, Nigella Lawson, Uma Thurman and Ellie Kemper, but I’m still open to suggestions…
  5. Give me 3 words that best describes you? honest, kind-hearted, dork
  6. What do you usually do when you have leisure time on your hands? I do my best to get as much social time as I can with my mates, cook and eat delicious food and binge watch the best TV I can find
  7. What is your strongest talent? I’d say cooking is probably my strongest talent. I’m at a stage now where I have tried so many different cuisines, that most of the time I have a repertoire of my favourites in my head, so I rarely use a recipe to cook even new ideas. It makes me so happy to create a meal for my friends, or just for myself, it’s my way of showing them that I love them and it feels good seeing them satisfied by something I’ve created.
  8. What age do you consider is old? 90 Why? Because that’s usually the oldest you can get before your body is all “alright, that’s enough!” no matter how well you look after yourself. Maybe it’s not, I dunno, but if I make it to 90 I will certainly feel accomplished.
  9. Do you have a bad habit? What is it? Oh, I have so very many! I suppose my worst is that I don’t keep my room tidy. Or that I swear. Take your pick I guess!
  10. What is your favourite childhood memory? When I was really little, and my sister was still a baby, I remember my Mum and I playing with playdough that she’d made. I remember us making playdough chicken, playdough peas and cutting up playdough carrots and putting it into a cardboard box we pretended was our oven. It’s my favourite because it shows just how awesome my Mum is.

So for my Nominees (scroll down), you need to answer these 10 Questions below, plus do the four italicised points at top of my page.

Here are the questions MY NOMINEES have to answer:

  1. If you were a pie, what flavour would you be and why?
  2. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  3. Where and when was your last holiday?
  4. What is the best song you’ve heard lately (feel free to post a film clip/link to it)?
  5. What is your favourite thing about the city/town that you live in?
  6. What have you learnt about yourself since starting your blog?
  7. Which is your favourite emoji?
  8. What is your most obscure recommendation?
  9. What is your most worn piece of clothing?
  10. What is the best piece of advice you read or received, and how did it apply to you?

My nominations are

  1. Training for Chocolate by Victoria Norton Victoria-Norton-and-Son-300x300
  2. What Short Thought by Simone Short img_6719
  3. Elle Jayne; Clinical Nutritionist by Elle Simmonselle2
  4. Naturally For You Health by Lauren Stark 10712798_438614002944482_4681178287327559481_n
  5. Jaime Maguie Nutrition by Jaime Maguire 10525862_744501142262702_6559363274201795831_n
  6. Ms This N That Blog by Claire de Freitas-Toppi 11083676_728011633982904_1159884132655542770_n
  7. Reece Carter Naturopathy by Reece Carter download
  8. Erin Laishley Wellness + Coaching by Erin Laishley 11150701_435468593298068_4574025305433560073_n
  9. My Balanced Living by Rachael Kable image_29-940x400

As you can see, I have only nominated 9 blogs, but there are so many great ones out there and a lot that I do follow have more than 200 followers, so do not qualify. I’ve picked these blogs because they are by passionate people who have a message worth sharing. Make sure you check them out for some inspiration and great reading material!


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Well done Miranda!! Love your answers. I see a chocolate and food theme throughout…but that’s not surprising with what you blog about :). I could see a Zooey Deschanel playing you in a movie. Haven’t met you, but could still see her play your part. xo

    Liked by 1 person

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