Standing Meditation Video

For anxiety and adrenal health in the lead up to The Natural Adrenal Health Summit next week. (Make sure you click the link to access the free talks that will be available on the Sun & Earth Organic Healthcare Clinic Facebook page)

Anxiety and stress have a very intertwined relationship; too much stress (especially when bottled-up) can result in anxiety, which then puts more emotional and physical stress on the body, extra pressure on the adrenals and the hormones of the nervous system. And on and on it goes. Anxiety is fast becoming one of the most prevalent mental disorders in Australia. With symptoms of extreme stress a classic picture of anxiety, it is easy to see the link between anxiety and our adrenal glands (the organs that govern our stress response).

When anxiety takes over your life, you are often living in the fear of what could be, the regret of what was, or both. That’s why an important step in stopping that anxiety in its tracks is to practice mindfulness and being present. I say ‘practice’ because you aren’t supposed to just click your fingers and automatically zen-out, instead the benefit of mindfulness is in the practice. You practice letting go of any attachment to your thoughts and all the worries that have gotten you so stressed in the first place. You practice deep breathing, your awareness of the present moment and giving yourself a break from everything else that’s happening in the world. The more you practice, the easier and more effective it is.

Mindfulness can be practiced with meditation, with deep breathing, yoga, or even while doing your dishes. I have recorded my own 10 minute standing meditation, designed to give you a break from sitting at your desk that I find really helpful to practice when stress gets in the way of achieving a task, especially when you can feel yourself holding tension.


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