Healthy Meals: Campfire Edition

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This past weekend, Blake and I finally set off on what was my first ever real (read: not at a caravan park or music festival) camping trip. To give you a bit of history, part of me is a country kid, with half of my childhood living in a small town in North East Victoria. My Mum has a fireplace that I always volunteer to light, and I’ve been to many a bonfire each winter as a teen. I’ve camped at several festivals, and camping as a kid was always at a caravan park, so I have been itching to go ‘proper’ camping for years.

When I saw my good friend Tory had taken her pup camping, I was convinced we’d make it happen, and Gordon Country is the place that made it so.

It was beautiful.


But of course, I had my priorities; what were we going to eat?

I didn’t want to take too much food, because we were packing light, and we weren’t going to take ice with us so I had to be clever about this. I was really stoked with how we went; we ate really well and had minimal leftovers (despite the fact we burnt our porridge one morning).

I focused on foods that needed minimal preservation (without the added preservatives) and foods that Blake and I could eat (there is quite a list of intolerances). I also wanted to make sure we had enough energy and were still eating a fairly balanced diet without too much fuss.

This is what we brought with us:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.31.02 am

This was enough food for us for two nights and two days (including a few cheeky snacks).


Here’s what we cooked:

Saturday night: Instant brown rice noodles with veg and smoked chicken then toasted marshmallows for dessert

Sunday morning: (after we burnt the porridge) GF toast with speck, fried egg and passata and a big pot of coconut chai

Sunday lunch: Instant brown rice noodles with kale, carrots, speck and chicken

Sunday dinner: Mung bean dhal with soured brown rice then toasted marshmallows with chocolate for dessert

Monday breakfast: GF toast with avocado, scrambled egg with speck and kale, and another pot of coconut chai

This is our Biolite camping stove that uses burns up sticks and is very lightweight

The dhal and coconut chai were particularly tasty and Blake’s avocado-egg concoction on the Monday morning was a complete feat of genius, I reckon! We ate really well for such a small pantry, and once again, limitations really brought out our creativity with food.

We’ll be going camping again soon so I am obsessed with researching what we’ll be cooking next time – I’d love any of your ideas, or links to blogs you’ve found useful (keeping in mind that we wont be bringing anything that needs to be in ice or refrigeration).


Links for the foods I mentioned:

Pico Sea Salt Dark Chocolate – these are sweetened with coconut nectar and are a total favourite of mine and Blake’s

Nutritionists Choice Instant Brown Rice Noodles

Noosa Seed Co Gluten Free Bread

*I’ve included the marshmallows here for full disclosure, but we only brought them because of the excitement of camping, and I am not recommending them as a healthy option (plus, we wont be bringing them every time 😉)

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