What’s going on with my gut?

Have you tried everything to help your gut? Special diets, fibre supplements, probiotics, cleanses – I’ve heard it all when it comes to gut issues, but the more supplements you throw at the problem without any specific purpose, the more money you’re literally flushing down the toilet.


The gut governs all aspects of our health; it is where we digest and absorb all the nutrients our body requires, it is part of our ‘first line of defence’ in our immunity, preventing harmful infections from entering our bloodstream, and it houses up to 80% of the body’s serotonin, having a massive impact on our mental wellbeing. Gut dysfunction is incredibly common; it is estimated that 10% of Australians experience it (otherwise known as IBS/Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Any disturbance of the gut often has a flow on effect, with ramifications in all systems of the body, so addressing it is central to most of the treatment plans I prescribe.

In instances where clients are experiencing unexplained gut irritation, such as IBS or other symptoms relating to the gut, I always find it best to run pathology testing specific to the function of the gut, such as the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA).

For example, when Mary*, a mum who came to me because she was experiencing gut pain, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, major fatigue, allergies and frequent cold, flu infections presented to my clinic. Every time someone near her got sick, Mary fell ill quickly and took weeks before the infection was resolved. In these instances, she was prescribed double doses of antibiotics by her GP, and every time she took them she’d then experience extreme cases of thrush that made it painful to walk, let alone look after her children.

To get more information, I sent Mary to complete a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA), a test that examines the presence of digestive parasites and gut function.

When the results arrived, they showed that Mary had a lower than normal digestive capacity and an imbalance of her gut flora (dysbiosis) caused by pathogenic overgrowth (bacterial and fungal). Both of which explained a lot of the symptoms she was experiencing.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 2.47.30 pm
Mary’s results showing her low digestive function and the presence of pathogens in her gut.

From these results, I was able to narrow down the prescription for Mary, giving her a much more direct solution for her digestive issues and improve the function of her immune system. After two months of specialised treatments including my anti-parasitic protocol, gut healing nutrients, specific probiotics and immune support, Mary has experienced a complete turnaround of her symptoms. She no longer experiences digestive discomfort and since beginning the treatment, has experienced a noticeable improvement in her immune function, enabling her to not only fight off infections faster than before, but in some instances, avoids falling ill when her children pick up an infection at day care. She has even noticed that her son (who she breastfeeds) also has improved his immune function, avoiding illness when his older sister is sick.

When we run a retest next month, I expect to find a reduction in Mary’s parasite levels and improvement in her digestive function to reflect the improvement in her symptoms. Overall, Mary’s health and vitality have improved more than she expected they could in a short amount of time, and all due to the decision to perform the comprehensive digestive and stool analysis (CDSA).

For more information, or to find out if the CDSA test is right for you, be sure to book yourself an appointment with me. I am available for consultations Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons at the Sun & Earth Organic Healthcare Clinic.

Otherwise, grab your ticket to the Evening of Science & Testing, where I’ll be talking about the tests I use for anxiety, fatigue and stress, with my naturopath colleagues.

*not her real name


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