Pregnancy Insomnia:: Happy Healthy Pregnancy Episode 1

The first episode of my Happy Healthy Pregnancy series has just landed!

Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Insomnia

I’ve created these videos to give you as much information as possible, and while there are a few visuals, they aren’t necessary so you’re free to listen to them like you would a podcast. These tips can be utilised by anyone, not just pregnant women. So grab yourself a cuppa, and a notepad if you wish, and enjoy the very first episode of my Happy Healthy Pregnancy series.

Key points
0.36 – My story
2.38 – Why does insomnia occur during pregnancy?
4.37 – How stress affects sleep
5.50 – Nutrition and insomnia
7.36 – Treatment aims
8.31 – Prevention
8.48 – Avoiding stimulants
10.19 – Eating well and eating regularly (specific nutrition advice)
15.42 – Exercise
17.32 – Technology and sleep
19.53 – Creating an environment that promotes sleep
20.40 – Creating a night time routine you resonate with
22.18 – Herbal teas
23.40 – Meditation
25.35 – Stress management
37.27 – Managing insomnia in the moment
41.47 – Self-hypnosis/Hypnobirthing
44.27 – Other modalities to treat insomnia
45.36 – Essential oils
46.33 – The link between stress/cortisol and labour/pregnancy

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