It’s not Miri’s… it’s mine! Miri’s Chocolate Orange Smoothie Recipe

I’m happy to admit, when I make a recipe I love, I always want to brag about it. Case in point, not only is this smoothie recipe delicious, if you can’t be bothered making it yourself, you can head down to Sun & Earth Organics, New Farm (my work), and I can make it for you, because I made such a big deal about it that we put it on the menu.

This recipe is great because the only thing sweetening it is the fruit and the tiniest bit of stevia in the protein powder, and the jaffa flavour comes from fresh orange zest, orange juice, and beautiful, raw cacao powder.

I have proudly converted choc-orange non-believers to this smoothie and surprised many a sweet-tooth by how yummy this is, with absolutely no additional sugar.

Best of all, you get to watch me make the recipe instead of reading it – it’s super easy, I promise!

So here it is, in all it’s jaffa glory;

Miri’s Chocolate Orange

Detox without doing a ‘detox’

At this time of year I often notice that the ads for detoxes and cleanses really ramp up as we all start our New Year’s Resolutions to be healthier and happier. Ads that promise you’ll have more energy, lose weight and all you have to do is drink a tea, take a pill or a powder – doesn’t that sound great?

Now, while not all detoxes are as effective at helping your body to detoxify as others, if you really feel like you want to (or need to) detox, instead of just boosting the function of your detoxifying organs, why not look at why you need a detox in the first place?

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Steve Jobs, Time, 1982

WOODSIDE, CA – DECEMBER 15: CEO of Apple Steve Jobs sits at his home in Woodside, CA on December 15, 1982. IMAGE PREVIOUSLY A TIME & LIFE IMAGE. (Photo by Diana Walker/SJ/Contour by Getty Images)

Last night Blake and I watched the documentary, ‘Minimalism’ on Netflix.

We’d discussed watching it before, and like all good documentaries usually seem to provoke, I felt a pang of ‘great, another thing to feel guilty about’, *rolls eyes*, etc. preferring instead to watch something a bit more mind-numbing after a long, hard day at work, as per my own habit. To me, the idea of minimalism always seemed like some sort of unrealistic ideal, peddled by the eccentric Continue reading

Find your peace in the Byron Bay Hinterlands

Need a break from the hectic end-of-year stress (and that bloody election)?

Join me and incredible yogi, Kellie Judd, for a weekend of organic food and grounding yoga practice at the Get Real Food Retreat at the end of this month.

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Kellie is the owner and yoga instructor of In Harmony Yoga Retreats (she completely upped my yoga inversion game!! Yass!!) I’m honoured and totally excited to join her and share my knowledge of simple, healthy eating with you as part of the Get Real Food retreat.

As you probably well know, I’m passionate about making health and wellbeing easy, relatable and fun, so Kellie and I have partnered up to deliver a blissful weekend of yoga and beautiful organic food in one of the most peaceful backdrops in Australia; the Byron Bay Hinterland.

Together we’ll clear up the complicated messages surrounding health, wellbeing and food to help you create meals that align with your unique body, mind and spiritual needs.

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  • Learn how to eat more mindfully – help navigate/activate the bodies processors
  • Connecting deeper with your fuel source and discover ways to boost energy levels
  • Cooking classes and take home recipes to invigorate your eating and cooking experience include…
    • Soul nourishing warm foods
    • Raw and natural slices and bliss balls
    • Exciting alternatives to supermarket bread
    • Sprouting done easy

You’ll also get the opportunity to pick my brain about anything health related – from my favourite recipes, to my in-depth biochemical understanding of nutrition.

I personally can’t think of a better way to bring balance and bliss into your life right before the craziness of the holiday season. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to connect with you in person, which I would LOVE to do!

Tickets are limited, so get in quick!
Click here to secure your blissful Byron weekend away.

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes Recipe

(serves 2)

Some weekends you just want to take your time and eat well but still eat something different. At least, I sure do.

Yesterday I was looking for a breakfast recipe that was high in protein and nutrients with a bit of a sweet side. I knew I wanted to make pancakes, and that I could do that with chia seeds, but I wanted something other than banana as the base. I had a little browse through some of my cookbooks until I saw pumpkin spice pancakes in Lola Berry’s Happy Cookbook, and just knew I could make them my own.


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Weight loss and Self-love – Can they coexist?

Is it possible to love yourself and still have the desire to lose weight?

I mean, self-love is all about loving and accepting yourself for who you are right now, while desires to lose weight seems to be in opposition to that, right?

Honestly, I don’t agree.



Self-love, like love in itself, isn’t just about positive stuff. To have self-love doesn’t mean that you look in the mirror every day and shout “Woohoo!”.   Continue reading