Mira Loves Brisbane


Cultivate Calm Yoga, East Brisbane

Finding Cultivate Calm Yoga has completely changed my life. This beautiful studio makes my mornings vibrant, and has taught me so much about myself and my yoga practice. I wrote about exactly why I love this place here, but if you’d like to try it out, you can buy a pass on their website.


Davies Park Market, West End

I can often be found at Davies Park Market on a Saturday morning, sipping kombucha from Buchi (another favourite), nomming up Rocket & Roesti from Roesti Revolution (!!!) under the music tree listening to a local band. I love to wander through here, tasting seasonal produce (especially the pink lady apples), trying honeycomb from the honey man and looking at all the beautiful handmade treasures. It’s always a nice way to spend a day (I can’t wait to get a basket for my bicycle JUST for this place!)


Hallowed Grounds Espresso, Mount Gravatt

This gorgeous, quirky-looking café has some of the BEST coffee in town, a relaxed vibe and simply fantastic food! The gorgeously slow-cooked pulled pork is the best I have ever tasted, and the vegan Cloverly Cupcakes they stock are a pretty treat for anyone. It’s covered in vintage and antiqued pieces and the staff are sweet and always up for a laugh. People in the know will order a TJ (an incredibly refreshing juice), or indulge in one of the unique breakfasts, like the French toast bagels or benedict salad while a soundtrack of mostly retro or indie tunes fill the background.


Primal Pantry, Teneriffe

While I don’t do fads when it comes to diets, I happily indulge in the healthy delicious treats at this café, often nerding-out about it with my nutrition mates. Here I can always be sure to get something full of vegies, protein and free from foods my body can always do with a break from. When it’s available, I get my hibiscus and lime kombucha or order one of the cacao paleo treats in the window every now and then.


Canvas, Woolloongabba

Canvas is probably the closest I can come to calling a bar my “Local”. I have a soft spot for it because after a bad and very short date there, I came back to treat myself to a meal and some cocktails, chatting to the boys behind the bar the whole night. During this time, I had a couple of cocktails made up just for me, and the one pictured above was my favourite. It’s tart and full of tequila, and while on the night was dubbed “The Bad Date”, you can order my cocktail – yup, I’m gonna call it mine because it was made for me (it’s my only claim to fame) – as “The Bad Day”, and I really recommend that you do – it’s wonderful.

The bar itself is fantastic. Lots of little corners for fantastic conversation, and the chef puts a fair bit of heat in his wings, but they are well worth the profuse sweating they induce. The menu is full of art and stories for each cocktail, and art also lines the walls intriguingly. I only wish I could get here more regularly. The staff are lovely, the service, the food and variety of drinks is wonderful. Great spot. Truly.


Scully’s Place

Scully’s Place is my local grocer and cafe that I go to to buy myself a special foodie treat, as they have such great quality produce. On the rare occasion that I feel like a coffee, I get one of their delicious iced lattes because they are big and have stevia available. But the produce (oh the produce!!), is my favourite part.

Liz has a passion for quality products, and talks to her customers to find out what they want more of (a great example is the new range of live fermented sauerkraut and kimchi varieties she’s just gotten in). Liz has her own recipe of glazed ham available in the deli (in which there is always some sort of delicious tasting going on – goat’s brie this morning – yum!) along with fresh produce, including dairy-free and gluten-free specialities and freshly made artisan breads. I always get a good chat out of the staff and get to look at new products that are available or that I missed last time, which I find quite therapeutic.

I think the thing that I like best about Scully’s is that Liz makes it her priority to be a part of her local community. This was most evident one day when a storm was coming and she insisted on giving me a lift home (but I live so close, that I really didn’t need it). It was sweet and genuine and I love seeing the heart that goes into the business. I always leave the place smiling.

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