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When you live in the modern, overstimulated Western world like we do, it’s so easy to push things like your health aside, with every intention to get to them ‘later’.

Before you know it, feeling like you’ve hit a brick wall when you wake up in the morning becomes your routine. Having 4, 5 or even 6 coffees a day is essential, as you desperately cling to any chance for an extra boost of energy. Your periods are all over the place, often painful too, and you’re becoming known for your mood swings. Chocolate is your stress-buster of choice, and more often than not, you feel bloated and weighed down. You’ve tried all the diets, the superfoods and the “detoxes”, but nothing has really stuck, or lived up to its promises. What you notice most frequently, though, is that you no long feel good in your own body; instead, you feel frumpy and dull, defining yourself by the traits you are most ashamed and embarrassed of.

This is where I step in.


My name is Miranda, and it’s my job to help you tap back in to your natural intuition, helping your body to heal itself. With my guidance (and a whole bunch of beautiful, nutritious and tasty food), you will:

  • Gain the confidence to intuitively feed you body the food and habits it needs
  • Feel refreshed, energetic and inspired
  • Naturally balance your hormones and tame your mood swings
  • Become your most confident self
  • Heal your body and yourself, for the long haul

How does it work?

When we meet, my aim is to gain as much information as I can about your health, taking a detailed health history and referring for any relevant pathology testing for a deep understanding of your unique biochemistry. You’ll receive manageable goals, delicious recipes and specific supplement prescriptions designed to build you back up and support your progress.

Each treatment I prescribe is personalised and precise, using only the best quality nutrients and easy-to-implement food and lifestyle changes.

Everyone notices different things improving at different rates because no two treatments are the same. Some find that improving their immune system stops their kids from getting sick too. Others find energy they thought they lost because of their age, when really, their lifestyle was the culprit.

But the one thing that happens with all of my clients, across the board?

They learn to listen to their body.

This gives them confidence, strength and the innate ability to improve their own health, naturally.

Here are some of the clients I’ve already worked with:

Kate testimonialJade testimonial (1)Rhiannon testimonial

Let’s book you in:

Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-6pm at Miranda’s Wellness, 50 Didsbury St, East Brisbane


Thursday 10am-7pm at Empire Bodyshop, 468 Chambers Flat Rd, Logan Reserve

Skype appointments available upon request Tuesdays and Wenesdays


Introductory Consultation $150*, 60-90 minutes

Follow-up consultations $80*, 30 minutes

*Supplements and pathology tests, if prescribed, are sold separately

Payment by EFTPOS (no PayPass available, sorry). Health fund rebates also available.

Please take the time to read my policies page here as booking your first appointment is an agreement to these policies

Want to get in contact?

Alternatively, you can email or call/text me: | 0437300865 

For news of upcoming workshops, click here 


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50 Didsbury Street, East Brisbane, QLD 0437300865 Tuesday 10am-6pm Wednesday 10am-6pm Thursdays at Empire Bodyshop 468 Chambers Flat Rd, Logan Reserve 10am-7pm
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