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Over it.

Sound familiar?

I see this in my clients every day.

Strong women putting all of their hearts into their work and their families, eventually running out of steam.

Suddenly they realise how worn out they feel; catching every bug that’s going around, struggling to get out of bed and no longer feeling good in their own body.

This is where I step in

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We often forget just how powerful it can be to keep things simple and listen to our bodies, but it’s an art that I can teach you to improve your health for the long haul.

Nutritional Medicine is my medium, and when you’re stuck feeling tired, anxious and overwhelmed, it’s exactly what you need to bring you back to centre and give you back your strength.

How does it work?

I practise functional nutritional medicine, which works to investigate the route cause of your symptoms and resolve them with evidence-based natural medicine.

First, I gain as much information as I can about your health, taking a detailed health history and referring for any relevant pathology testing for a deep understanding of your unique biochemistry.

This information is the backbone of our treatment plan, which I create to give you the best outcome for your health. It’s also the most exciting part because it’s where the magic happens. Depending on what’s going on for you, you’ll get manageable goals, delicious recipes and specific supplement prescriptions designed to build you back up and support your progress.

Each treatment I prescribe is personalised and specific, using only the best quality nutrients and easy-to-implement food and lifestyle change.

Everyone notices different things improving at different rates because no two treatments are the same. Some find that improving their immune system stops their kids from getting sick too. Others find energy they thought they lost because of their age. But the one thing that happens with all of my clients, across the board?

They learn to listen to their body.

This gives them confidence, strength and the innate ability to improve their own health, naturally.

Here are some of the clients I’ve already worked with:

Testimonial, Rhiannon Bailey, Brisbane

Testimonial, Kate Piggot, Brisbane

Testimonial, Jade Saddler, Brisbane

Book me in!


Wednesday 9am-1pm

Friday 1pm-6.30pm

Location: Sun & Earth Organics, 845 Brunswick St, New Farm

Skype & mobile appointments available upon request Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Health fund rebates also available.

To book an appointment

Click Here


with the subject: “Appointment Request (and your name)”

Call: 0437 300 865 or (07) 3358 2299 (Sun & Earth Organics)

Service Information

Introductory Consultation $110*, 60 minutes (Click here to book)

Follow-up consultations $80*, 30 minutes

*Supplements and pathology tests, if prescribed, are sold separately

Please take the time to read my policies page here as booking your first appointment is an agreement to these policies

 I also present in a series of workshops for Sun and Earth Organics. Click here for more information.


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