My Top 5 Tips to Increase Energy: Part 2

Fatigue can be quite debilitating, but luckily, there are many natural and easy ways to overcome fatigue and boost your energy, enabling you to achieve everything that you need to day-to-day. Below is Part 2 of my 5 Top Tips for Increasing Energy. These short videos are give you quick strategies that are easy to … Continue reading My Top 5 Tips to Increase Energy: Part 2


Writer’s Block

I'm sitting here on my bed in my very messy room, coughing my guts up and struggling to come up with a topic for you guys. It's 4.45pm on a Monday and I've walked the 50 minutes to The Valley, with a quick lunch break on the way, printed off resumes, spend 2 hours writing … Continue reading Writer’s Block

MOVEember 2013 Update

Since it's sort-of-just-past-the-halfway-mark of MOVEember, I thought I should touch base and let you all know how it's going. I also thought I'd chuck in a few on-the-cheap fitness tips I use to keep me going, as I like to grow m' guns without having to pay for a gym membership - I just can't … Continue reading MOVEember 2013 Update

Active Dates

If you're anything like me, being active was not a normal part of growing up, so being active now can sometimes be a challenge. Even though you know how good you feel on a day you've managed to start with some exercise compared to a lazy day, sometimes, the idea of feeling good just isn't … Continue reading Active Dates

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