Recipe Roundup – Paleo Baking

Nutritionist-approved treats for you to bake


Fab Fast Feasts:: I’m so excited! I wrote a Mini eBook!

And you can get it completely free! It's been a goal of mine for at least 6 years now to write my own book. I've poured over magazines and cookbooks and wellness books imagining what my own book would look like, and now, finally, I've written a mini eBook! Fab Fast Feasts Fab Fast Feasts, containing 6 … Continue reading Fab Fast Feasts:: I’m so excited! I wrote a Mini eBook!

Pimp Your Breakfast with my Hollandaise for One

When I asked if you guys wanted this recipe, I was overwhelmed by the response and so very excited too! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I am a little obsessed with making my own hollandaise sauce of late, so as with other food obsessions, I end up making said … Continue reading Pimp Your Breakfast with my Hollandaise for One

Kimchi & Pumpkin Pancake

Does anyone else like Kimchi and Korean food as much as I do? To be honest, I think it might be my obsession with Eat Your Kimchi and their FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program for Awesome People) videos - they are Simon and Martina, two Canadians that live in South Korea and have many K-Pop related … Continue reading Kimchi & Pumpkin Pancake

Sweet Potato & Zucchini Fritters

On the weekend I wanted something starchy and crunchy to go with my eggs, and as I am no longer eating wheat and aiming to eat even more vegetables, I came with this recipe, which was requested on my Facebook page (onya Karl!). These are an easy way to get in at least one serve … Continue reading Sweet Potato & Zucchini Fritters

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