8 Tips to Waking Up Happier – Kaleidoscope Blog

Good morning lovely ones! Or perhaps you're reading this because you didn't have such a good morning? Either way, I am proud to announce that I am now a Body + Soul Contributor over at Kaleidoscope Blog, so I will be writing some featured posts on the fabulous lifestyle blog each month. There are plenty of … Continue reading 8 Tips to Waking Up Happier – Kaleidoscope Blog


Homeostasis: Finding the Balance

Originally posted on Kaleidoscope Blog One of my favourite things about science and nature, is that everything strives for balance. This balance is called ‘homeostasis’ and it describes the process that finds the “happy medium” in all things, almost as though nature itself is aiming for moderation. I really connect with the process of homeostasis. Our body … Continue reading Homeostasis: Finding the Balance

Creating the Life You Want to Live: How our unconscious values can interfere with our dreams

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creating the life that I want to live. I feel like I’ve allowed my low income over the past few years let me become complacent, because I’ve let myself believe that money is what I need in order to be happy. It’s not like I feel like I … Continue reading Creating the Life You Want to Live: How our unconscious values can interfere with our dreams

Liebster Award Nomination

Great news total babes - I've been nominated by the gorgeous Kelly from Yes Peas Mumma for the Liebster Awards! How freaking cool is that?! Part of receiving this award means that I have some questions to answer. But there are also some rules!…. 1. You need to put the Liebster Award image on your blog. … Continue reading Liebster Award Nomination

I wrote this last night

For the first time in my life I feel like I can confidently say that I am a woman. I know that might sound strange, but up until now, I’ve referred to myself as a “girl” and made myself smaller around some people because I haven’t felt like a woman. I look at the photos … Continue reading I wrote this last night

Breaking the habit

It's always a nice feeling when you realise you've changed a habit that you've been struggling with. This happened to me yesterday. I was sitting in the cinema with my friend Tiffany about to watch That Sugar Film. We'd just purchased some chocolate treats from Koko Black (after having veggie-filled Vietnamese soups for lunch at that … Continue reading Breaking the habit

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