Exercise and Mental Wellbeing – it’s not just about endorphins #mentalhealthweek

I'm sure you've heard that one of the fantastic benefits of exercise, especially when it comes to your mental wellbeing, is that it boosts endorphins - right? But it can do SO much more than that, because of one simple mechanism, and I am going to make it really easy for you to understand. Hopefully, … Continue reading Exercise and Mental Wellbeing – it’s not just about endorphins #mentalhealthweek


The Truth About Overcoming Depression

Depression. It can be a pretty hard topic to talk about. We know how common it is, but because it is associated with suicide, self-harm and feelings of sadness in general, it can be hard to bring depression up without the sombre feelings surrounding it. I, like many other Australian’s have suffered depression, and if … Continue reading The Truth About Overcoming Depression

My Top 5 Tips To Increase Energy:: Part 4

Fatigue can be quite debilitating, but luckily, there are many natural and easy ways to overcome fatigue and boost your energy, enabling you to achieve everything that you need to day-to-day. Below is Part 3 of my 5 Top Tips for Increasing Energy. These short videos are give you quick strategies that are easy to … Continue reading My Top 5 Tips To Increase Energy:: Part 4

Breaking the habit

It's always a nice feeling when you realise you've changed a habit that you've been struggling with. This happened to me yesterday. I was sitting in the cinema with my friend Tiffany about to watch That Sugar Film. We'd just purchased some chocolate treats from Koko Black (after having veggie-filled Vietnamese soups for lunch at that … Continue reading Breaking the habit

We all need to stop judging

I am absolutely sick to death of hearing people judge other people. It happens everywhere; among my friends, on Facebook (of course), the "news", on blogs and even among a group of fellow practitioners who have been taught, like I have, to view every human being with unconditional positive regard. And it just makes me … Continue reading We all need to stop judging

Creating Your Space

It's taken time, but I think I'm finally getting it: the importance of nurturing your own space. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone in this world who could confidently accuse me of being tidy. My room is regularly cluttered with clothes on the floor, piles of paperwork and endless scraps with lists littering the spaces … Continue reading Creating Your Space

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