#activebabeschallenge Wednesday Workout (week 1) with Emma Smith from The Empire Bodyshop

This week for the #activebabeschallenge (click the hastag to sign up) our Wednesday Workout comes from Emma Smith (The Empire Bodyshop).

Emma is a Personal Trainer based in Brisbane, providing mobile training sessions to the Logan area. She’s really excited about joining the #activebabeschallenge and has a passion for supporting the sisterhood – love it!

Designed to fit into your 20 minutes per day for our 28-day challenge, Emma was lovely enough to provide instructions for those of us who have no idea what a jack knife getup is (which is definitely me!)

Don’t forget to post Wednesdays challenge to Instagram &/or The Babe Collective to help rack up your entries into the massive competition, or sign up and hear about the massive list of prizes you can win here.


1 – Jump (or Static) Lunges

Reverse Lunge starting with Right dropping behind – alternate between leg & right legs jumping between positions

Remember TRAIN TRACKS – wide lunge stance for stability

Keep Lunges Low & Steady – Take your time through each Jump

Easier: Static (on the spot) or walking Lunges for 60 seconds is also just as tiring!


2 – Knees to Elbows

Plank Position on Elbows

Bring Knees up as close to elbows as possible nice + WIDE

EXHALE on each Knee to Elbow


3 – Jack Knife Getups

Raise body off ground using opposite hands to feet (Left Hand + Right Foot / Right Hand + Left Foot)

Reach with free Hand + opposite Foot to toe touch position

Lower + change / alternate between each touch


4 – Ice Skaters

Side Step > Ground Touch – Alternate between Left to Right

Low + Long Angular Lunge

Shoulders Back + Chest Up



5 – Triceps Dips

Position Hands under Shoulders + Lowering to Comfortable Position

Bent Knees (increase difficulty by extending legs out straight)

LOCK Shoulders Back + Down with Elbows flaring behind body

Breath OUT on the PUSH UP


I am looking forward to getting my butt moving tomorrow – I hope you are too!

Thanks Emma!!

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