The Babe Collective

The Babe Collective is my special corner of the internet that I created especially to build up the confidence and celebrate the individual awesome of every babe!

So much of social media is filled with negativity, reasons to compare yourself to others and look down on yourself, your life and who you are. We can edit our lives on there, and with it in our face so often, sometimes, we forget that what we see of others, that makes us feel bad about who we are, isn’t necessarily and authentic representation of them.

Life is too short to not see your own special brand of awesome and doubt what you can give to the world. After all, no matter who you are, I know for sure, that you, my friend, are a total freakin babe. I will shout it from the rooftops if I have to, but honestly, if you join The Babe Collective, my Babes will do that for me!

So if you feel like maybe you aren’t good enough, like you’ve lost who you are, or you aren’t feeling confident, join The Babe Collective and discover what makes you awesome, find your confidence and share the stuff that you probably wouldn’t have the guts to do elsewhere in a safe and supportive space (with plenty other awesome, funny, beautiful babes)

The Babe Collective

50 Didsbury Street, East Brisbane, QLD 0437300865 Tuesday 10am-6pm Wednesday 10am-6pm Thursdays at Empire Bodyshop 468 Chambers Flat Rd, Logan Reserve 10am-7pm
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